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  5. "Do you have shoes?"

"Do you have shoes?"

Translation:An bhfuil bróga agat?

March 8, 2015



Is "An bróga agat" correct?


No. An is the question form of is, the copula, which is used in classification and identification sentences (there are other, more advanced uses). An can also be a question particle used before other verbs, too. So in this case you need the correct form of , since it's not an identification or classification sentence.


thanks. What exactly does bí mean then?


Bí by itself means the same thing as English's be. There are a lot of prepositions that can be used with bí in order to change: bí ag for have, bí ó for want, bí ar for have (emotions, conditions, and more but not possession), bí faoi for intend. There are probably others that I can't think of right now.


why not 'an bhfuil tu broga agat' ?


An bhfuil tú? means "are you?"

The statement Tá bróga agat means "you have shoes" - there is no in it, because the pronoun is included in the prepositional pronoun agat.


got it, thanks.

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