"Jag undrar vad han gjorde på sjuttiotalet."

Translation:I wonder what he did in the seventies.

March 8, 2015

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Not to mention wearing knitted tanktops and platforms...


LSD, probably.


Han lyssnade alltid på ABBA?


Or his name started with a B and he played in a band?


Is there any separate meaning to this "talet" or it is just a suffix?


It corresponds to the German Zahl - number or cipher. So, sjuttiotalet is anything that has the number 70 in it.

This analogy also makes the centuries easier to understand in Swedish. nittonhundratalet = every year that has 1900 in it, so the 20th century.


I wrote "I am wondering" instead of "I wonder". Why was it an error?


In this case they don't have exactly the same meaning, I am wondering means, I am pondering, I am meditating on. I wonder means simply, I'd like to know, or it would be interesting to find out.


I had a lot of trouble getting it to accept my pronunciation of gjorde and sjuttiotalet... Never did get sjuttiotalet right, but I don't know what I was doing wrong. Any tips on pronouncing those two? (I'm American, if that makes a difference.)


Same here, and I'm not American. I observed that in some lessons I can't get the numbers right - and it's just them, so I believe this is hiccup in the system


Why not "... vad gjorde han..."?


It's a subclause (in this case a relative clause) that's introduced by vad, so after that comes Subject - Verb.


Why "I wonder what did he do in the seventies" is not correct?


You turned it into a question. It'd be something like; I wonder: What did he do in the seventies?

You keep the same sentence structure in statements (I wonder what he did in the seventies).

Statement - I don't know what that is

Question - What is that?

There are a few exceptions, but that is the general gist of statements. For example, you'd say something like "there is a cat that is orange"; you wouldn't say "there is a cat that orange is".


If he can remember, he wasn't there.


why is "i'm wondering what was he doing in the seventies" wrong


It's the word order. On it's own "What was he doing?" is correct, as it's a question.

However, "I wonder what he was doing in the seventies." is not a question, so different word order applies.

Having said that, your word order would be correct in: "I'm wondering - what was he doing in the seventies?" as it's a proper question again.


Why not wondered

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