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"Jag undrar vad han gjorde sjuttiotalet."

Translation:I wonder what he did in the seventies.

March 8, 2015



Not to mention wearing knitted tanktops and platforms...


LSD, probably.


Han lyssnade alltid på ABBA?


Or his name started with a B and he played in a band?


Why "I wonder what did he do in the seventies" is not correct?


You turned it into a question. It'd be something like; I wonder: What did he do in the seventies?

You keep the same sentence structure in statements (I wonder what he did in the seventies).

Statement - I don't know what that is

Question - What is that?

There are a few exceptions, but that is the general gist of statements. For example, you'd say something like "there is a cat that is orange"; you wouldn't say "there is a cat that orange is".


I wrote "I am wondering" instead of "I wonder". Why was it an error?


In this case they don't have exactly the same meaning, I am wondering means, I am pondering, I am meditating on. I wonder means simply, I'd like to know, or it would be interesting to find out.


If he can remember, he wasn't there.


Why not "... vad gjorde han..."?


It's a subclause (in this case a relative clause) that's introduced by vad, so after that comes Subject - Verb.


Is there any separate meaning to this "talet" or it is just a suffix?


It corresponds to the German Zahl - number or cipher. So, sjuttiotalet is anything that has the number 70 in it.

This analogy also makes the centuries easier to understand in Swedish. nittonhundratalet = every year that has 1900 in it, so the 20th century.


I had a lot of trouble getting it to accept my pronunciation of gjorde and sjuttiotalet... Never did get sjuttiotalet right, but I don't know what I was doing wrong. Any tips on pronouncing those two? (I'm American, if that makes a difference.)

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