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"När de kom till sjukhuset var barnet redan dött."

Translation:When they came to the hospital the child was already dead.

March 8, 2015



I just want to add that this sentence will not make it to the next tree. I do not usually think triggers are a good reason to dictate course contents, but this specific case I'd say is a bit over the line.


It is not a pleasant sentence, but there's no reason to be so squeamish.


As for me "En ung kvinna var överkörd av bussen" is much worser.


I suspect different people with different experiences will find different sentences the most disturbing. Either way, I will be looking over the entire course for things like this as the new tree is being built.


Any idea when that new tree would launch? Theoretically?


No, sorry. I am no longer on the team, so I couldn't say.


Okay! Thanks for all you did for the course, though. I see your helpful comments all over. It's been a treat to learn from you :3


Thank you. I appreciate that. :)


Unpleasant sentence... very disturbing. What's the point?


Please refer to my above comment.


The weird, horrific, strange seem to stick in my mind more easily than just bland old sentences easily forgotten, so I'm not complaining :) I took a memory course years ago and one method for good recall was to associate imaginative, weird imagery, which I found actually worked.


How should I change the sentence in case I sweep the subclauses? Barnet var redan dött när de kom till sjukhuset?


Sounds right to me, but im no Swede.


Exactly correct. The verb var has moved in this case because the subclause occupies first position. But in the rewrite, there's no need for that.


Would not be past perfect more natural for the sencond sentence (in both english and swedish)?

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Jag ska skriva under Duo Plus om ni ta det skotska ordet bairn for barn i det engelska erm... translation


You want teckna för Duo Plus, unless you intend to actually write your signature on it. Alas, I think that "bairn" isn't a great candidate for inclusion under the current system, since there are roughly one kazillion sentences using barn and each would have to be updated manually. If Duolingo ever updates their system to something that would facilitate this, then why not. :)

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Rättvist. De är många ord i svenska, norska och danska jag säga värje dag i den döda skotska språk. Mycket mer än engelska tror jag. I Aberdeenshire finns en skotska språk att heta Doric och det är nästa mer svensk än skotsk.


That's "den engelska översättningen" ^^ Also, "om ni tar".


I know people who've lost children. Five years on, why is this horrible sentence still here?


Deleted sentences occasionally still reappear, but without being editable. As long as that bug persists, there isn't really any good way of deleting a sentence. Rest assured it will not be included in the next tree version, whenever that is eventually released.


I am studying this while my child is sick. But even without this experience I think this sentence carries too much negative emotions.


I agree. As noted above, I had planned on removing it from the next tree version. And I'm sorry to hear about your child - I hope they get better.

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