I suppose this is less troubleshooting and more a general question. I can't seem to find an explanation as to how the Immersion section works.

I am an English speaker studying German. Am I supposed to translate/check the translation of German into English, or am I supposed to translate the English into German? It's not very clear what text is from the original document and what is from users.

Also, what is the etiquette? I don't just want to jump into someone else's translation if that is rude, especially as someone new to (and probably pretty bad at) German.

March 8, 2015



When you open an article: there should be a top bar that looks something like this:

You can choose the "Translate" or "Proofread" sections to translate. I'd prefer the Proofread section.

As for your other questions:

And you can click "Contributers" to find out who else is translating this article.

Hope this helps!

Adding the Duolingo immersion wiki link for reference.

Ah, I didn't realize there was a wiki! Thank you!

Yeah I'd looked around and seen all of that, I was just at a loss for how to contextualize it :). With the wiki and things I'll try again. Thanks so much!

You should only translate into a language you're well acquainted with. So in your case, translating German texts into English seems the best way to do it.

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