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"Min son går i sömnen varje natt."

Translation:My son walks in his sleep every night.

March 8, 2015



I do not understand, why is this not translating into "walks in the sleep" (due to sömnen). And therefore why "in his sleep". Wouldn't that translate into "i sin sömn"?


Yes, but the set phrase ’walk in one’s sleep’ in Swedish is gå i sömnen (walk in the sleep). Swedish very often uses the definite form where English uses a possessive pronoun. See also this thread.


so, "walk in the sleep" would be a correct meaning in swedish, but in english there is a set phrase for it and it would be wrong. I thought this was a course to learn swedish...


Using correct english in a english-to-swedish course sounds logical to me. What's your problem? I'm not native english and find it rather useful because it also corrects my english and I can learn both this way. Sure, it's a little more complicated but that's fine with me.

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