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Nor head nor tail

As if it were not enough to try and work out the rather difficult German syntax, we still have to work out the meaning of the sentences Duoling puts forward. That is, "So wie es hier ist, so ist es nicht überall sonst." It is so duh! Not to say anything about the translation given when you supposedly come up with the wrong solution: "How it is here, is not how it is everywhere else." As far as I can see, the English sentence is as esoteric as the German one. My translation ("As it is here, it is not anywhere else.") was gonged!

December 10, 2012



As it is here is not how it's anywhere else.


The more complex a sentence, the more different correct translations there may be. The developers can't give at once every single translation one can think of, but we the users can help! Report such sentences and suggest to accept your translations. You can also give any comments about the sentence or mark it as unnatural.

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