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Infinite loop of automatically correct answers even if wrong answer is typed (e.g. if one letter is typed).

Duolingo seems to sometimes have an error in which a person enters a wrong or right answer and it goes into a loop. From this point on, every letter you write triggers a right answer, although it does not advance in the lesson and a user is unable to continue the lesson unless the user restarts it. It happened at least 3 times whenever I restarted.

August 25, 2013



Are you using the iPhone app, the Android app or the website?


The same thing happens to me when I have connection issues. Feels like the complete lesson is preloaded and i can keep answering questions, getting right answers regardless of whatever I type. Whenever the connection is restored everything gets back to normal. I'm using the website on Chrome.


I'm using the website, google chrome, on linux, and on a shaky 3g internet connection. That may infact be one of the triggers.


I had that happen a couple of days ago. My connection went down in the middle of a lesson and I kept looping through questions - getting them correct when only typing one character. Eventually when my connection returned, I had to start the lesson again.


There seems to be another similar but related bug. This time, it assumes says the answer is right, but allows you to enter another answer, and gives you a chance to check if it is correct, and advance the lesson. It also continues in a loop. The bottom bar showing that the last answer was right doesn't disappear after you continue.


I think I found part of the problem, if the internet connection drops in the middle of a lesson it will always trigger this loop. But what's different is that it doesn't trigger right answers by typing one word when there is no network connection. I think the app must test if there is network connectivity before continuing the lesson, and that may eliminate part the problem.

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