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"Han sjunger inte, trots att han vill."

Translation:He is not singing, even though he wants to.

March 8, 2015



That awkward moment as a german, when the Swedish sentence is less difficult than the english one...


"He doesn't sing, despite that he wants to." was not accepted. Should it have been?


It does not sound right, and my English grammar is not quite strong enough to pinpoint exactly why.

I think it is that it uses the wrong form of "want". You could say: "despite wanting to", though this still sounds awkward. Definitely better to stick with "even though" in this sentence.


I did that, too. I think it fits.


although and even though are conjunctions, whereas despite is a preposition. One can say despite the fact that but not despite that


An English speaker could write this sentence in different ways, e.g., "He doesn't sing, despite the fact that he wants to." Which is more wordy than, "He doesn't sing, even though he wants to."

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