"She has lost weight."

Translation:Hon har gått ner i vikt.

March 8, 2015

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Hon har tappat vikt should also be correct.


And how about, "Hon har förlorade vikt" ?


No, in that case it should be "Hon har förlorat vikt" grammatically. But I'm not sure whether that's correct. Surely unusual. (Congratulations to your strike and all your language merits!!!)


Thank you, klanten. And thanks for helping out in the discussions!


I have the same question. But it is not clear if it's a question here or a statement. Could please someone explain, why har tappat vikt is incorrect?


Hi Gunya_ru - as nobody has stated that to be wrong, I simply guess that you and I were right to suggest this solution :-)


I am confused about ner/ned. What is the difference?


You mean bantat? banta means 'to be on a diet'. In principle, it's possible to do that without losing any weight at all, so I don't think that's a very good translation.


Yes, sorry for the typo. I thought the problem is only it means losing weight intentionally, whereas the English sentence is more general. Does bantat not necessarily imply a weight loss?


No, it implies trying to lose weight, but not necessarily succeeding.
In fact I've known several people who put on weight from their bantning, even though that was not their intention.

However I think if you use the word about diminishing someone/something else than yourself, it does imply being successful.
I doubt anyone would say Vi har bantat katten 'We made the cat lose weight' if the diet failed. And certainly in abstract meanings when people say things like Vi har bantat innehållet 'We have reduced the content', it's also implied that you were successful. About a person though, I'd say Hon har bantat means She has tried to lose weight or She's been on a diet.


Interesting, I wondered if the name derived from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Banting ... looks like it did!


Very interesting, I would not at all be surprised if you were right! Thank you!


Why is 'hon har tappat vikt' incorrect ?


We had that question earlier - and nobody says that it actually is incorrect - so I take it as a correct answer ;-)

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