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Danish and Norwegian similarities


I have just started learning Danish with Duolingo, and was wondering how similar it is to Norwegian. I originally wanted to learn Norwegian, but saw that it was not available yet. Is it worth starting the Danish course, and then switching to Norwegian, or would that be a waste of time?

Also is there a Skype group I could join that operates on UK time?

It would be great to get some feedback.

March 8, 2015



I lived in Norway for 2 years and attended a school briefly to learn the language, so I have some familiarity. Written Norwegian and written Danish are similar, but the pronunciation is very different. Still, if you have some knowledge of one, it will help you with the other. Same thing with spoken Norwegian and spoken Swedish.


ok, thanks, i might focus more on Swedish then cos i'm more interested in Sweden than Denmark. So do you still live in Norway?


No, haven't lived there in a few years. From my experience, learning Norwegian would help you learn Danish more than Swedish and vice versa. There's more similarity there, although like I said, pronunciation is different (and spelling too, I keep getting dinged for spelling things in Norwegian.)


I want to go Norway, and I started the Danish and Swedish courses, but I think Swedish pronuntiation is more like Norwegian, but written, Danish.


If you do the Danish course without the voice, you should be able to build up a similar vocabulary and then start the Norwegian one with ease, but I suggest just waiting.


If you want to speak with natives, try http://www.gospeaky.com/ Generally speaking, Norwegian and Danish are pretty similar. You could also try Swedish if you wanted to take that extra leap.


i have no answer to your question i'm afraid :/ but i just wanted to say i love the profile picture!


do you know where i got it from?


Vikings of course, Ragnar ;)


I know a guy that is danish and now lives in norway and for him norwegian is almost the same as danish and has any problem understanding :) I know people that when asked the same question told me to focus on norwegian more because I will get super confused as the three languages Danish, Swedish and Norwegian all are a little different and a lot alike. But those differences my complicate things. So your move ;) and I'm trying to understand Harry Potter that I got from norway :D


thanks, i'll think about it


I actually speak both and they are very similar. Norwegian is very highly based from Danish so the written language is very similar.


I also found some similarities with German and Norwegian when I started attending Norwegian lessons.

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