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"Han vil ringe til ulven i min bedstemors hus mandag."

Translation:He will call the wolf in my grandmother's house on Monday.

March 8, 2015



How can I have a typo when all the words are fixed:)


You picked the wrong word building out of the options.


I picked grandmother and it said there was a typo! If I had chosen a wrong word it would have marked it wrong.


"I'm done with this shit", Little Red Riding Hood said and threw her cape on the floor.


A whole new twist in the story of little red riding hood


Couldn't it also be "He will call the wolf to my grandmother's house on Monday" as in lure the wolf to the house?


No, that would be (albeit oddly worded but the starting point isn't great:) "Han vil ringe ulven til min bedstemors hus på mandag". A better way would be "Han vil ringe til ulven på mandag og bede ham komme til min bedstemors hus" but that's a bit more complicated.

In this case the wolf is "i" - already "in" my grandmother's house. Poor grandmother.


Call and ring are the same and should be accepted

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