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I have enjoyed Duolingo but.....

I find the total lack of support so very frustrating!

I lost a streak while working on an iPad, even though I clealy met my goal. I have the golden owl so you know I have put my time in.

I can successfully complete "practice weak skill" or "strengthen weakest words" and sometime it renews my gold bars, sometimes it doesn't (even if I get a lingot for a perfect score.)

There are several lessons that do absolutely nothing when I click on them, except the three grey balls over and over.

I have always recommended duolingo but I am hesitant to do so now. Creation of the program is awesome, but the lack of support will hurt it in the long run.

I really hope the Duolingo people will consider this.

March 8, 2015



I understand. I have submitted problem reports here and through e-mail. Nothing ever gets done. At most I get a single response at the very beginning, and then even the responses stop.

It isn't frustrating any more for me, though. I understand now that support just isn't something that Duolingo does. They aren't professionals. If you keep that in mind, if you remember that they don't respond, that things will be broken and disappear and there's nothing you can do about it, maybe it will help your level of frustration.


These lessons that do nothing, are they three grey lessons in a horizontal row nearish the top? Those are bonus skills; you can go to the lingot store to fill them in, although Christmas is only available at Christmas. The support tab does absolutely nothing as far as I can tell, it's actually been missing on my account lately which I assume is a test of sorts (though how that little tab or lack thereof affects learning performance is something of a mystery to me). I would advise posting a troubleshooting discussion about these things in future, a moderator, helpful duolingoer or a member of staff should answer promptly. Skills sometimes don't strengthen if a lot of words have decayed, avoiding the dictionary hints will help with your decay rates. Best of luck in your studies, wherever you choose to continue them :)


No, it is not the bonus lessons. Really. It's the same thing rjwilson is experiencing. Some the lessons won't load, I can practice weak skills and the gold bars don't reflect that I've done anything. I'm close to giving up on this.


When I look at your profile data here https://www.duolingo.com/users/Megblue, language strength (language_strength) is 0.74. When the words are at full strength, the value is 1 and with lack of practice it can drop gradually to zero. If the current value is close to 1 (say 0.98), then the number of practice sessions needed to get everything back to gold will be less. If the drop is more, more practice is needed to get it back up to full strength.


Let me clarify about the gray balls. They are 3 gray balls in the middle of the page. You can equate it to the spinning hour glass when something loads. Except nothing loads.

I am done will all the lessons. I have the gold owl showing. I have a few sections that aren't fully strengthened (not showing as gold), and I'd like to have everything gold.

I have put in tickets in the past. It's preyy much useless. Thank you for trying to help..


Thank you. I would like to be able to practice and increase my score but I can't get in to many lessons to do that! Also, too many times when I do complete a practice session, I get my lingot for a perfect score, but the strength bar never increases. I have a couple that I have redone the weak words, and redid the entire lesson and the strength bar won't increase.

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