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Same sentence over and over again in the 'strengthen skills' section - is there a fix for this?

I've been using 'strengthen skills' when my tree is all golden and annoyingly I keep on finding that a whole exercise is taken up with just one or two sentences :( it feels a bit like that traditional school punishment where you have to write out the same sentence 100 times!

Is there any way to remedy this?

March 8, 2015



I was just thinking the same thing. It's great that I know how to say nosotros somos hombres perfectly........... but now I'd like to practice something else more difficult


In my case I like it. It seems each exercise is focuses on two or three sentences and repeats it all the exercise. However each new exercise has different sentences. It is very good, because I can really learn the sentence.


If only it would be two or three sentences. Like howsitpossible I only get one sentence. It's ten times 'el gato come pan'. Today it went as far as telling me that I'm up to speed on my vocabulary and should learn some new skills even though I have several at strength 3 and even one at 2.


Yes, I feel the program holds me to repeating the same thing too much, to the point of frustration. It should recognize the sentences where I lack skill and those that I successfully answer each time and then limit repetition to only those in which I lack skills. I'm sure the programmer is capable of setting up the program in that manner.

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