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Where are the speaking tasks!!?

I have been working with duolingo for close to a month and i haven't reached a speaking test yet!

Is it that i have not reached a certain level yet?

Or has the swedish course not been updated to include speaking tasks?

March 8, 2015



Ok, so i might just leave the speaking exercise to the streets of Sweden then :)



I don't think Swedish has speaking practice yet. That and Danish are quite new to Duolingo and technically still in "beta" so you might have to wait a bit before you can do speaking exercises :)


Almost true, we're actually out of beta, but the new courses made by volunteers haven't got speaking practice, 'Words' or 'Immersion' yet and probably won't get them any time soon either.


Swedish doesn't have speaking tasks. I don't think any of the volunteer-created language trees do. It seems like something that would be rather difficult to program and code.

And besides, I was less than impressed with the speaking tasks in other languages. I've mentioned it before, when others have asked about Swedish getting speaking tasks, that the speaking tasks were one of the major reasons that I got so frustrated that I deleted all of my French progress. I just couldn't handle it not understanding me when I'd spoken perfectly and clearly.

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