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How to get to next lesson?

When or how do I get to the next lesson? I've practiced the current lesson (Phrases) multiple times, hoping it would automatically move me to the next lesson. I've tried clicking on the next one (Food) but can't access it. How does this work?

March 8, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Duolingo language trees have skills in them, as shown here

    Skills are made up of lessons

    To progress to the next skill, you must have completed all lessons in any previous skills.

    For example, to get to Basics 2 and Phrases in your Swedish tree, Basics 1 must be completed.

    Until Basics 1 is completed, the skills beyond it are going to be inaccessible. In your case, finish all of the lessons within the Phrases skill as well as the skill next to it (Basics 2) and then you can access the next row of skills, which includes food.

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