"I live and work in the same district."

Translation:Jeg bor og arbejder i samme distrikt.

3 years ago



What happened to the article "the"? Why is there no den/det (and how would you choose det vs. den?

3 years ago


'samme' indicates something definitive, so in that way it makes 'den/det' superfluous. The same thing can (but not consistently) happen in other contexts, for instance "Jeg bor på første sal", "ifølge seneste meningsmåling" etc.

words I can think of just now where this happens are: første, sidste, samme, mellemste, næste, forrige, seneste, førnævnte (and variants thereof), ovenstående (and variants thereof), and probrably a lot more.

You can also say 'det samme distrikt', it isn't wrong. You can choose

Den/det depends on the gender of the noun. Et distrikt = distriktet = det samme distrikt

3 years ago


It was buggy and inly cane up with one incorrect response

1 year ago
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