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How to make foreign friends

I am new to Duolingo- need to practise with German fluent speakers- how can I do this?

August 25, 2013



A good way is to ask around your friends group. Chances are someone speaks a bit, and you could help each other learn, which is always fun. You might make a few mistakes along the way but it's all beneficial in the end. Another way is indeed to use websites that connect those learning languages. I like using twitter too - it can be hard to find people at first but once you do you'll have a lot of people to talk to. Another great way is through the polyglot community on youtube! Just post a comment on a video for someone who speaks German, and someone will reply, as the polyglot community LOVES learning languages and will take any chance they have to help others too.


I'm an advocate of 'practice when you are there'

Go on holiday to Germany, and try to make friends. Make sure you understand fairly well before you go of course, but one of the great things is that if you just mingle with people for the sake of it, and aren't demanding anything, you'll always find someone who is happy that you are trying to master their language.

Of course this is the same sort of advice as 'just jump in the deep end, see if you don't drown', so your choice whether to trust me ;)


I find interpals helpful. It's a website where you can get foreign penpals.


Depends on what you you mean by "practice". If you have questions about the language or the way how to say something you can ask here at the forums. If you want to find someone to talk directly to (like via skype) you may try italki:



German here. I just added you as a friend. You can ask me any time if you need help. Or.. just write me for the sake of writing me. :)

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