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  5. "Jag är trött på äventyr."

"Jag är trött äventyr."

Translation:I am tired of adventures.

March 8, 2015



I'm guessing he took an arrow to the knee.


Han fick en pil i knäet


These prepositions are killing me T_T..


They're worse than the pronunciations.


The 3 "P"ains of language learning: pronunciation, prepositions, proverbs!


"Adventure" can mean "excitement" as in "His life is filled with adventure." Or it can be something more specific as in "He is back from his latest adventure in Sweden." What does "äventyr" mean here AND can this sentence be translated as both "I am tired of adventure/adventures"?


It can be translated with both the singular and the plural. It can be either some sort of general-collective thing, as you describe with 'excitement', or more specific plural adventures.


Does this only mean "tired" as in exhausted, or also "tired of sth." as in "having had more than enough of sth."?


Only the second in this phrase, "trött på" means "~had enough of", and "trött (av)" means "~exhausted (of)". (However also see other comments about (un)determined object)


Can it also mean, "sick of"? Also, how would one say, "sick and tired"?


Yes, absolutely.

I honestly don't think "sick and tired" has a really good translation into Swedish, actually.


can i say, "Jag är trött av äventyr"?


That would be 'I am tired from adventure' but it would sound a little weird, it's odd to have the indefinite noun in that construction. You could certainly say Jag blev trött av äventyret 'I got tired from the adventure' though.


My translation was: "I am weary from adventure", trying to imply there were some adventures that I did, and now I am feeling physically tired at this moment (and this translation was marked incorrect).

For that case, one would use your "Jag blev trött av äventyret"?

Does the original "Jag är trött på äventyr" only mean that I am generally done with adventures / want no more adventure... or can that sentence also have the 'physically tired right now' meaning as well?


Yes, the original sentence only means you're done with adventures, not that you're exhausted right now. If you want to say 'weary from adventure' you'd have to go with, as you said, jag blev trött av äventyret or you could say … alla äventyr – the thing that made you tired has to be definite somehow, it doesn't really sound natural with just äventyr:


Couldn't this also be translated "I am tired of fairy tales"?


Not really, we call those sagor. (en saga)


Does aventyr mean both adventure and adventures


Yes, it has the same form in singular and plural, like most ett-words.


If I want to express that I am in an adventure now and I feel tired, which preposition should I use? Tack


i, although you may want to be very explicit because that sounds a bit hard to explain well. :)


Reminds me on Rick and Morty.


I put I am bored with adventure. I thought trott po ( no way of writing the correct vowels) meant bored sick with. Wrong?

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