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I am thinking about studying German in Germany for 4 months. I don't know which school to choose. The first school came to my mind was Goethe Institute. I was reading some forum reviews about Goethe, I've encountered mostly positive reviews about it but they all say one thing: "Goethe charges you more just because its brand name, you can study more with less money in other schools." So I searched for alternatives and found eurasia-institute: and GLS: I still don't know which one to choose since I have never spoken with anyone who has experience with any of these schools. But eurasia seems more serious and intensive with it's university program.

So I am looking for help. If any natives or international students who had studied/studying in a languge school in Germany could help, I would really appreciate it.

March 8, 2015


Hi! Just curious. What are you looking for exactly? A university? A private language school? Do you need college credit? Do you have a preferred city or region you want to live in? Why 4 months if I may ask? Perhaps a bit more information can help you get a more precise answer. :) Good luck with your searching!

In my case, I knew what city I wanted to study in so I googled and found a blog that had reviews of language schools in the area and I made my own choice based off those recommendations I read. Well, that and some visits to the schools. :) I also calculated the price per hour of learning, and class size offered, so I could compare schools.

March 8, 2015

Hi, I am looking for an intensive course. I don't need college credit but I will try to get in a university in Germany if I can fulfill their language requirements. I might prefer to live in Berlin but education is my priority. So I don't really care which city I'm going to live in as long as the school is good. I said 4 months because my university education (in my country) will start in September, if I can go to Germany in April I am going to have to return in August 15.

March 8, 2015

Ah, I see. Sounds good! Then I'd probably skip Goethe too and look a little deeper into what offerings there are in Berlin.

Here is one thing that looks interesting to me so far:

If anything else stands out, I'll be back...

I'd recommend you make a list for yourself and compare things like start dates, prices, class sizes, extras like conversation classes and school activities, housing options (if you need that). I'd also price out other housing options just to compare. :) Berlin sounds like a great choice though!

March 9, 2015

wow you are so kind and thank you very much for your advices.

March 9, 2015

  • die Hauptinformationen verstehen können, wenn klare Standardsprache verwendet wird und wenn es um vertraute Dinge aus Arbeit, Schule, Freizeit usw. geht.
  • die meisten Situationen bewältigen können, denen man auf Reisen in deutschsprachigen Ländern begegnet.
  • sich einfach und zusammenhängend über vertraute Themen und persönliche Interessensgebiete äußern können.
  • über Erfahrungen und Ereignisse berichten und Träume, Hoffnungen und Ziele beschreiben sowie kurze Begründungen oder Erklärungen geben können.

So let's test your German a bit, before you look for the goethe test somewhen.

Freizeit: Gestern war ich einkaufen. Ich sah wie jemand seinen Einkaufswagen gefüllte. Er füllte ihn immer weiter, irgendwann war der ganze Wagen voll. Er fuhr mit dem Einkaufswagen langsam und vorsichtig zur Kasse. Plötzlich rammt eine Oma seinen Einkaufswagen. Vieles fiel aus dem Einkaufswagen heraus. Das war eine Sauerei! Der Jogurt musste aufgewischt werden. Die Eier waren auch kaputt.

Reisesituationen: Entschuldigen Sie, können Sie mir sagen, wie ich zum Hauptbahnhof komme? .... (rechts, links, geradeaus, die dritte Straße rechts und ....) --- Wie viel kostet ein Ticket für ein Fußballspiel?

persönliche Interessen: Was sind deine Hobbys? Liest du gerne? Was hast du auf Arbeit zu tun?/ Was machst du auf Arbeit? Was bist du von Beruf?

Ziele: Wann magst du nach Deutschland kommen? - Ich möchte .... Was möchtest du in Deutschland tun? - Ich möchte .... Warum möchtest du nach Deutschland kommen? Warum möchtest du Deutsch lernen?

March 9, 2015

yeah, about that... uwotm8_? :D

March 9, 2015

Oh sure! It's gonna be great! You have a lot to choose from. Just one other thing to mention. It will probably take you about 3 months of intensive courses to get through a single level. (For example A2 = 3 intensive months, or B1 = 3 intensive months.) Of course this depends on how many hours a day you do. These schools seem to be like ones I went to in Switzerland where you study either in just the mornings, or just the afternoons. I am not sure what level you are at, but do all you can between now and when you start to get the highest level you can so you can save some money. :)

I think most schools are gonna be pretty good so I'd concentrate more on price, location, dates, housing, etc. :)

March 9, 2015

I guess I am A1.2 right now I haven't taken any official tests, so I am not sure but I will probably be A2 before I start the course. I was planing to be B2 after 4 months of studying but it does not seem very realistic :) I will probably study 35 hours a week. So hopefully around 550 hours of study in 4 months can get me close to B2.

thank you very much for your concern.

March 9, 2015

I live in Berlin and have learned all my German here. In 11 months I went from nothing to more or less C1 and for the last few months I study at film school (auf Deutsch) and basically speak German more than English.

Benefit: Cheap. Basically 3E an hour to study here at one of the MANY languages schools. Cost of living is relatively low (compared to West Germany) and the city is easily one of the most vibrant and interesting in Europe.

Setback: Berlin isn't Germany. Unless you refuse to speak English, you will invariably speak English. Even native speakers sometimes use Denglisch constructions. In short, immersion in Berlin is somewhat difficult but possible.

As for the length of time necessary, at 20 academic hours a week, B1 takes 2 months and B2 takes 3 months. You could of course do multiple courses at once, but that probably isn't fun!

For schools, I studied at Die Deutschule and had fantastic teachers there. Most students tend to be in the mid twenties and good fun. I would suggest a morning course.

Wenn du Fragen hast, sag mir bitte Bescheid! :)

March 9, 2015

Thanks a lot for your answer. I will definitely check the school out. So how long have you studied in Die Deutschule? As I understand you have been living in Germany for 11 months. I wonder how long have you spent in language school.

March 9, 2015

Sorry I wrote that message very quick while being half asleep this morning (but wanted to say something cause I know how valuable first hand experience can be!). I've been here for almost 1,5 years and studied for 9 months at Die Deutschule, so 6 months for A1 to B1 and then 3 months for B2. I haven't studied since, but right now I suppose I am C1 (not grammar wise but defo speaking).

If you are an EU citizen, then the Volkshochschule is undoubedly the cheapest option (integration course), but if you need a visa, then a language school should be able to supply one. The quality of teachers seems to vary from school to school and even within schools, but at least within Berlin the schools are very laid back and it is easy to switch between classes and time slots. Generally the morning slots seem to contain more studious students.

For me, living with Germans and speaking everyday was the key to progression, however I know many people who have lived here way longer and can barely converse auf Deutsch. At times English really seems to be the de facto official language (especially in Kreuzberg and Neukoelln) and so you will always meet people who cannot speak German. That being said though , Berlin is f-ing awsome in the summer :)

March 9, 2015

Thanks for taking your time man and good luck with your film school. My sister graduated from film school too I heard it's pretty fun to study :)

March 9, 2015

Thanks for the information. I was in Berlin for only 1 month and I did not find many English speakers, I was expecting more, I some times had troubles because of the language, maybe it depends of the part of the town and the age groups. I am planning on going back to Berlin, Munich or Freiburg, do you which maybe better.

March 9, 2015

This website lists language schools all over Germany and a few in Austria and Switzerland, with students' ratings of the various aspects of the schools - teaching, activities, facilities, accommodation etc. A handful of schools offer super-intensive courses of 35 hours a week, which may suit your needs in particular:

March 10, 2015

I can recommend you the Speakeasy ( because Im on this school and i like this school a lot. This school is well-equipped and the class isn't so big. I think because different steps of learning you can find a good course. I hope you find a good school and you learn german quickly. good luck ;D

October 31, 2018

Hello guys! I want to introduce you tandem, they have several schools in Germany

April 5, 2019
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