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Is anyone able to contact Duolingo support?

I've written a few requests to support over the last couple months, and none of them have gotten a response. I also attempted to contact them via Twitter, again no response.

Is this the general policy of Duolingo, or are my emails somehow not getting through?

March 9, 2015



I agree with allintolearning. Also there is only about 30 Duo staff (not all of them in support) and a registered user base of 50 million users, so it is understandable that they do not respond to every suggestion/report, especially if it has previously been reported.


This should be mentioned somewhere, so that if you have trouble, you know what to do and to know that the corrections won't happen for more than a year or so because of their short staff and high demands. It is frustrating to post messages and to read them unaddressed 6-8 months later. And, Contact Us is only for commercial purposes. They could state that, too, in the spirit of good customer service.


@allintolearning @psionpete Sure, I see what you're saying. My first question is if this is in line with their policy, because I am curious if my emails are not getting through.

If it is their policy, that is disappointing and surprising. Just about every product on the web has a support team that will respond to all emails eventually, especially established and thriving companies like Duolingo. They seem to be well-funded and hiring, so it seems like they aren't strapped for resources.

@filippo_b Thanks for your response, it's sad to hear.


I have had exactly the same experience. I guess it's a policy of Duolingo, which by the way, I don't like at all


The program is defective. I can't get past level 6 of numbers despite all correct answers. I am blocked from proceeding further. It seems impossible to get any help to resolve this issue but I guess I just have to quit and look for another program.


i am having the same problem!

[deactivated user]

    I was specific and I did get a response in a couple days or less


    If you don't tell them what the problem is, how do you expect them to respond. What exactly are you having a problem with? They do respond. They must get a ton of emails. Perhaps it is something that has already been answered. If so, I can perhaps direct you to that answer.


    Oh and the reason I didn't mention my problems here is:

    1. There are several different issues.
    2. I'm not aware that this is the correct venue for this, and/or that Duolingo support will see it


    Why is my computer account not jiving with my phone and iPad account? Same account but shows different ingot amounts!


    Because the iOS app has blue "gems" and www.duolingo.com has red "lingots"
    Search for more information in the English Duolingo Help Center


    Ahh! Thank you! Question answered and mystery solved!


    i am beginner level 3 Italian and the recording definately says zucchera instead of zucchero. I played it back and I am positive that this is the case.


    I subscribed and cancelled the subscription to Duolingo Plus within minutes of each other on January 3rd, 2019. How can I apply for a full refund? The purchase was made on my Mac desktop and there is nothing showing in iTunes regarding said purchase. Please advise at your earliest convenience.


    ( chłopcy )The slanted t And other different polish letters showing Herę do not show up on the Polish lessons on my Duolingo app. PLEASE fix this or I can not USD the app for Polish


    Their support is atrocious. Actually, it is non-existant. have requested resolution to an account issue 3 times with no response apart from" look on the forum". As a paying customer, I expect better service.

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