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Immersion: First uploaded text not being viewed

Hello there,

I uploaded my first text on Immersion a few days ago as most of the ones I was seeing were nearly fully translated (Italian to English).

However, I still don't have any contributors and the 20 something sentences I've translated haven't been rated.

On the other hand, translations I made on other texts are generally rated rather quickly. I was wondering if there might be something wrong, like the text not going public or still in preview mode knowing that I've got some lay out problems. I'm using duolingo on mac, and I've tried on Safari, Firefox and Chrome (my softwares are all up to date).

I haven't seen any similar problem but if anyone has come across this one, that'd help me get my work checked and share the text with others!


March 9, 2015

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This has happened to me, also. A couple of articles never seemed to show up under Immersion, although I could edit them (and apparently a few other people found them somehow). On the other hand, a couple of articles were visible just minutes after the upload was complete. I'll be watching to see if anyone can answer your question!

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