"Vi håller med henne."

Translation:We agree with her.

March 9, 2015

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"Hold with" is the same in English. It isn't used too often anymore, but it's exactly the same usage. You'll hear older people say things like "I don't hold with that kind of thing."


The voice emphasises håller. Since hålla med is a particle verb, shouldn't it emphasise med instead?


Yes, RoboGirl is wrong, the stress must be put on the "med" otherwise the sentence makes no sence.


Going back to stress on this sentence, would one also stress "henne", or would that only be done if there were, for example, multiple females in the context of the sentence?


I'll be a little more thorough than you asked, for clarity. :)

  • VI håller med henne = WE agree with her
  • vi HÅLLER med henne = makes no sense
  • vi håller MED henne = we agree with her
  • vi håller med HENNE = we agree with HER


Would "we stand by her" also work in this context?


Is samtycka also allowed?


It's not wrong, but you'd never hear it from a native. You don't use it in everyday language like this - it'd sound like if you said "acquiesce" instead of "agree" in English, kind of.


I see what you mean- perhaps the dictionary I have has some outdated phrases? I'll stick to what DuoLingo is teaching me and just use the dictionary as a reference to look up words I don't know :)


It's not that it's outdated, it's more like it has a very specific and often formal context, and dictionaries don't teach those. I mean, I do the same thing. My Irish teacher thought I worked at a smithy because I'd just looked up "workplace" in the dictionary. :)


Ahh I see what you mean, thanks again for another great explanation. The right word for the phrase- I'm starting to learn that about Swedish now! I've been enjoying learning it so much (has saved me going crazy during lockdown to be honest!) and feel now the best way to get to a really high level with the spoken side is to talk to either native Swedes or at least people who are fluent so I can listen in and learn some things and chip in when I feel confident. If anyone knows of anything on Zoom or Skype or would be interested in starting a video chat group please let me know as would be very interested. Love the DuoLingo community and some Zoom chats with people off here would be rad!


jag samtycker or jag tycker det samma sound fine to me


samtycka normally means to agree in the sense of consenting, not as in having the same opinion. Plus what I wrote above to Hexworm.

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