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"Soldaten bliver svigtet af rævene."

Translation:The soldier is being let down by the foxes.

March 9, 2015



Do foxes often let down soldiers in Denmark?


Not as much as the bears!


You wouldn't believe it... It happens all the time, man! :(


sadly, every single time...


I told them before: Don't depend on foxes!


I'm not sure what svigtet or let down means.


Roughly, in the continuum of 'to be disappointed by' and 'betrayed by'. For example, when your father is supposed to pick you up at the airport, but forgets the date, and you have to take a three hour journey home by public transit, he has let you down.


Sounds like a memory :)


so the soldiers in denmark are betrayed by foxes??? is this some kind of fairy tale or just nonsense


No, no. It's true, and by other animals too. Haven't you heard the story about Morten Bisp, who was let down by some geese?

  • 1818

I just had to google that:

"In AD 371 Martin was acclaimed bishop of Tours, where he impressed the city with his demeanour. He had been drawn to Tours by a ruse — he was urged to come to minister to someone sick — and was brought to the church, where he reluctantly allowed himself to be consecrated bishop.[9] According to one version, he was so unwilling to be made bishop that he hid in a barn full of geese, but their cackling at his intrusion gave him away to the crowd; that may account for complaints by a few that his appearance was too disheveled to be commensurate with a bishopric, but the critics were hugely outnumbered."



Notoriously unreliable, those Danish foxes


Don't trust those treacherous and cunning foxes


Has it not occurred to anyone that a literal interpretation might be possible? Maybe the soldier has fallen on a rocky ledge and the foxes have come to the rescue and tied him up safely and are letting him down with pulleys and ropes? I'm sure there must be something by H C Andersen along those lines?


The Danish sentence reads : "Soldaten bliver svigtet af rævene".

"Svigtet" means "disappointed" or "betrayed", and not lowering down, as you suggest. In which case your sentence would be: "Soldaten bliver hejste ned af rævene".


Another sentence I'll never use.


How about "is being failed by the foxes"?

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