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what's Duolingo's criterion on uploading new articles to the immersion part

I've asked this before, but didn't get any reply, so I thought might be I'm asking at the wrong place?

I want to upload an article I'm interested in translating (German version of Arthur Schopenhauer's Wikipedia page), and DL informs me that

"DuoBot thinks this document might not be appropriate for language learners of all ages."

So what is DL's criterion on what articles I can or cannot upload? or how am I supposed to upload materials I want to translate? I just want to translate something I'm actually interested in..

Any ideas?

March 9, 2015



I do not know Duo's criteria but obviously it will check for swearing and certain anatomical vocabulary. The problem is that many automatic checks are over zealous and make silly errors. I remember someone in England could not email his address because he lived in a town called Scunthorpe ...

Or perhaps the article really does contain some inappropriate words. All you can do, AFAIK, is to translate it outside of Duolingo.


Except that actually it doesn't have the filter you would expect on swearing and some varieties of anatomical language, as Duobot posted some very choice language in articles about pornographic er... 'performers' and you can upload stuff about Larkin complete with the quotes from This be the verse without any problem. On the other hand, it has a real downer on Eleanor of flipping Aquitaine, Simone de Beauvoir and Joan of Arc.


might be DL is kind of misogyny...:D Thanks!


It took me longer than it should have to work out what was wrong with Scunthorpe. :/


guess I just have to translate it outside of Duolingo. what can be wrong with Schopenhauer anyway :(

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