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"I wear a sweater under the jacket."

Translation:Jag har på mig en tröja under jackan.

March 9, 2015



can I say "jag har en tröja under jackan på mig"?


No, the på mig should come before.


What about ''jag har en tröja på mig under jackan''?


It’s alright, but I’d prefer ”jag har på mig en tröja under jackan”.


I think I'd prefer "jag har en tröa på mig under jackan" though. I suppose it's just a minor dialectal thing.


How is "Jag har på sig en tröja under jackan" different?

tack så mycket!


har på sig is a reflexive verb and the reflexive particle must match the subject. So with jag, it must always be jag har på mig.


Isn't "Bär" instead of "har" more appropriate here? Since har translates to have and not to wear.


We don't use bär nearly as much as you use wear in English. bär often sounds too formal or just not the most natural way to say it. We usually say har på sig when you say wear in English. Be aware that this is a reflexive particle verb:
jag har på mig
du har på dig
han/hon har på sig
vi har på oss
ni har på er
de har på sig
is always stressed


Det är kristallklar. Tack


This took me like 10 attempts to get right... helvete


What is the difference between "sig" and "mig" in the "har på" context?


I'm still learning too but I think sig here is for third person only, hon/han/de har på sig.

Har på means have on, in other words to wear, so jag har på mig, I have on me. Hon har på sig, she has on her...


I have seen times where "tröja" would be inserted into "har på mig" but not here. Please explain when this would happen.


You can say also say "Jag har en tröja på mig under jackan". It works exactly the same!


Just curious but can one say: "Jag har på mig en jacka över tröjan?"

*not as a translation for the original sentence. Just curious if that works as a sentence?

Tack snälla.


Jag har en tröja under jacken på mig ar väll inte fel heller? Eller hur?

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