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  5. "Er dine sønner uafhængige?"

"Er dine sønner uafhængige?"

Translation:Are your sons independent?

March 9, 2015



I don't know for you guys, but that "u-a-f-h" thing killed me.


ooh-aw-heng-eeh-ye =)


I think the title of "most difficult Danish word I've encountered" has just gone to this new entry.


Rød grød med fløde


This one is not so bad. Someone wrote here somewhere another one (døde røde rødøjede etc.)- I think it's even for the Danes a tongue killer-and not a twister.:-D


Wow! That's a new, even more gruesome collection of grotty Danish words :)) Must try, try, try. Then eventually I could deliver casually, impeccably and impressively during the next meal ... !! (I wish :)


First danish words I ever tried to pronounce . No wonder I gave up for years!


Has anyone some techniques to pronounce "uafhængige"?

It seems that the "f", and the final "ige" are not pronounced, the "f" totally disappears, while the "ige" becomes "gli"---as in many other Danish words.

To me, mother tongue Italian with good knowledge of Dutch language, it reminds of the Dutch word "onafhankelijk".

So, I would pronounche it as: "uaengli"


af often seems to be pronounced ou (as in the words ouch and couch) so yes, the f disappears here.

The way I attempt it is with four distinct syllables:


It's interesting that you also hear an l at the end. It sounds to me like she ends the word with lige rather than ige


I guess you hear an "l" sound before "ige" because this word has a so called "stød" sound i. e. a glottal stop.

The official pronunciation is [uɑwˈhεŋˀi] with "ˀ" marking the glottal stop.


That word is a doozy hey!


Sounds so similar to German unabhängig.


That's the weirdest sounding word I ever came across. I can't even begin to grasp the pronunciation.


I now understand why people say Danish sounds like speaking German with a hot potato in your mouth...


Does anyone have any good ideas for how to remember that uafhængige = independent? I keeo getting it mixed up with other words for some reason

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