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Problems with "strengthen skills"

I registered that the way of getting XP has changed on Duolingo, and all in all I'm okay with that.

But there is one thing, I'm not okay with, and that is the new way the "strengthen skills" function works.

At the moment, I have eight skills (or how do you call these coloured circles?) with a strength of 4/5. When I use the "strengthen skills" function, I do this because it takes me too much time to strengthen each skill separately.

But recently, as a result of "strengthen skills", I get six to nine XP and usually NONE of the eight weak skills is strengthened! (Now and then at least one of them is strengthened.)

Does anyone know what the didactic idea behind this is? Or is it just a bug? One way or another, it is very discouraging, because it makes it impossible to strengthen weak skills efficiently.

March 9, 2015

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This will help you understand why it is the way it is: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5487578

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