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  5. "We have a coffee together."

"We have a coffee together."

Translation:Vi tar en fika tillsammans.

March 9, 2015



You can't say "vi har" in Swedish?


Not to mean eat or drink something, no.


Isn't "kaffe" a t-word? I would have expected "Vi tar ett kaffe tillsammans."


It's both an en-word and an ett-word. En kaffe is a cup of coffee, but ett kaffe is a type of coffee. (Öl "beer" works the same way.)


Question: is fika an official sort of thing in the same way that afternoon tea is in the UK (everyone stop working, it's tea time!)? Or is it more of an informal but really popular sort of coffee break?


Both! It's very important. In very many workplaces, it's common to take some 10-15 minutes once or twice a day to fika together. Doesn't matter if it's construction workpeople or office jobs, we all fika. :p

But it's also a way of hanging out with friend(s) in a café on your free time or perhaps to have a relaxed date-ish.


What is the difference between "tillsammans" and "ihop"?


They're synonymous.

But do note though, that "ihop" can not be written apart (like i dag, i natt, i morse etc). If you write it apart ("i hop") it means "in (a) heap".


To drink coffee does not implicate fika. It could just be a cup of coffee.


do you have to add "tillsammans"? or would vi fikar be enough?


The difference between "vi fikar/vi tar en fika" and "vi tar en fika tillsammans" is the same as the difference between "we're getting coffee" and "we have a coffee together." It's the same basic idea, but presented in a rather different way. So for this prompt in particular, you'd definitely want to add tillsammans.


Fika is not coffee, fika is a break from work. That would be "we have a break together", I know swedes like coffee but the word itself isn't coffee. Also I wrote "dricker" instead of "tar" which should be accepted as you are more likely to drink the coffee then take the coffee. It works in Swedish, but in English it sounds wrong.


Fika is not a break itself. You take a break to "fika". In swedish they say "vi tar en fikarast". "Rast" means break.


I love that Swedish has a verb specifically for "having a coffee (break)".


And that is certainly a verb which you need to know whenever you come to Sweden!


Is "we take a break together" an accepted answer


I wouldn't think so, unless Duo is feeling generous.

"En fika" is something more specific than "a break". As far as my non-native understanding goes, it implies a coffee, a break of at least 10 minutes, and sometimes a cinnamon bun! It can be a purely social event, too, not necessarily a break at all.

Perhaps "We take a coffee break together" could work, but I think just "a break" would be "en rast".

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