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How do the word numbers work?

I like the new design on the home pages, but I've been noticing that the number posted for the words I've supposedly learned keeps going down as I practice. How does this work? Or is there a glitch in my program? Or do I just need more practice and Duolingo is keeping track?

December 11, 2012



I believe they used to count every form of a word and now they only count actual words. But it doesn´t explain why the number goes down.


it's the other way around, we used the count the words but now we count the word forms, so your number should have gone up, not down.


You have different numbers for different languages, try to check the other languages to see if they went down.


I have done two new lessons every day, one on web, one on app. For 19 days. I have peeked c. Three times. At 1150, my word count has not changed since i did the initial test. Why is this?

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