"He lives either in Sweden or in Finland."

Translation:Han bor antingen i Sverige eller i Finland.

March 9, 2015

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Heller is wrong? What's the difference between antingen and heller? Tack!


I wrote a comment about this on another forum, follow this link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5874644


I think heller is at the end of a sentence as the negative of "too":
I don't know him either. = Jag känner inte honom heller.
While antingen means either this or that:
Either here or there. = Antingen här eller där.


why is this sentence wrong: "Han lever antingen i Sverige eller i Finland" I just changed "bor" with "lever" which mean the exact same thing, right?


No, they do not mean exactly the same. But they both translate to "live" in English.

Leva is about being alive.

Bo is about where you live, synonymous with "reside" in English.


I'm just wondering if the construct of "Han bor i antingen X eller Y" would work for "He lives in either X or Y".

This English translation feels like a perfectly natural way this would be said conversationally from a native English speaker?


There is "Skogens" mentioned in multiple choise question: is it a country or just a forest?


Just a forest.

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