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Please bring back the Learning Tree to our profiles

Hi buddies, I dont know about you but I have been using Duolingo since it was in Beta and I noticed Duolingo has evolved dramaticaly over time. Every day every week there are new changes coming in. But it seems to me many of the new changes are unnecessary and even worsening.

Before, I could show off my learning tree to others. That really motivated me to do the best I could. Now, there is only a few things to show off (streak, lingots, level, experience). Let's admit it, showing off is a HUGE part of the game, you dont say explicitly you like showing off, but deep inside, we ALL LOVE SHOWING OFF our achievements. Without showing off, the motivation to be the best one can be would NOT exist. Before, when I clicked on others' profiles and saw their golden bar badges and level, long shining colored learning tree, I got motivated to be like them, to beat them and impress my friends. Now, I only see boring timeline of others.

I wanna see how my buddies are doing. Looking at their timelines doesnt tell anything. It's meaningless. Facebook has done a great job with Timeline. Duolingo is not Facebook, we dont need timeline at all.

It's now like I'm competing with myself. I wish you guys could respect and keep some of the best parts that Duolingo had. Make SHOWING OFF the heart of the game. No one cares about these tedius timelines.

March 9, 2015


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