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People are addicted to Candy Crush, I'm addicted to Duolingo.

People are addicted to Candy Crush, I'm addicted to Duolingo.

August 25, 2013



I am addicted as well. I am trying to addict my friends too. :D They could add Korean tough. I would really love it. :D


I would PAY to see Korean on Duolingo.


I tell people that language learning is like a video game that leaves you with a reward that's actually lasting -- one that could potentially help you get a job, improve your vacation and even meet a girl/guy. And yes, I can attribute a few instances of the latter to knowing a foreign language.


Me too, I'm on here many times a day. It;s an older game but I used to be addicted to Burgertime, I could play it to the end of all screens.


I shed a little tear when I see the Candy Crush addicts playing on the subway and think to myself, "no Duo without an internet connection!" :'(


But there is! At least on Android


I must confess that my score on Aiport city has suffered since I took up Duolingo again. :)


Lord knows I'm addicted. Not complaining, though! I've managed to get one of my coworkers hooked, too, and my boss is wavering on whether or not to try it. I may hate working retail, but clearly I've learned how to sell!


Or you found a product that sells itself

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