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En kjole er kun én ting

I noticed an error in the colours module of English →Danish, whereby a light green dress is translated to 'en lysegrønne kjole'. I'm not 100% sure whether this is intentional, but it seems to against grammatical logic, and I mentioned it to my (native-speaking) Danish partner, and she said it was also incorrect. Is that so?

March 9, 2015



as I understand it, when you have an indefinite article you should use an adjective in the matching gender, and when the article is definite the adjective gets the plural form. therefore:

en lysegrøn kjole - a light green dress
den lysegrønne kjole - the light green dress

so it would make en lysegrønne kjole indeed an error. but why didn't you report it?


I wasn't entirely sure, but thank you for your explanation.


no problem. ;)


It is incorrect (for the reason mwyaren mentioned), but I can't find a sentence containing "en lysegrønne kjole" in the incubator. Was this the whole sentence? If not, if you (or anyone) come across it again, copy and paste it and let one of us know so we can see if we can fix this

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