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  5. "Ja, hej då!"

"Ja, hej då!"

Translation:Yes, goodbye!

March 9, 2015



I can't tell if it's my poor hearing or just a poor recording, but it kind of sounds like she's saying "Yo, hey dog!" xD


Haha yes 'yor ... hey door' is what i hear


Won't work no mater what i say


Well however I say hej då it refuses to understand me! Help me someone when I move onto more difficult Swedish!


Same problem here, it excepts how I pronounce 'så', for exemple, but it won't except my 'då', which is basically the same.. i just see it as an error of the app. As long as it sounds like she says it, we're good. I did report this though, but i don't know if it will be handled or not. Goodluck from Holland :) (Maybe one day i can type the messages in Swedish haha!)


Unfortunately, we have zero control over the TTS engine, nor over the SR one. So it's impossible for us to do anything about. :(


Is då supposed to negate whatever comes before it?


No, it's just that hej då is an expression meaning goodbye.


The words light up in green when the app hears me say them. For this one, only "ja" lights up! It's like it doesn't even register the "hej då". Wonder where we can submit issues like this?


You can try the troubleshooting forums (https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647) - that's the only place I know of. Good luck!


Doesn't recognize "hej då" no matter what I say


It is really used this phrase: yes/no, goodbye? Sounds weird for me


Yes, it's absolutely used.


I know im saying it right, how are you supposed to pronounce it??


The stress should be on ja and , but otherwise the voice is correct.


Just a general observation. It feels like I've been put through variations of the same four sentences for days now. Any chance I can move on with slightly less redundancy and rehashing? I'm in Sweden and there's more to talk about than which woman likes what boy.


Weird app. Only hej då is wrong. Please update this. No matter how right you say it doesnt recognize it


Not sure what you mean - of course only hej då is wrong, the sentence also has an additional word.


Its for speaking test. No matter how i say hej då from the speaker doesnt recognize it at all


Ah, I see. I would honestly turn that feature off. It's notoriously unreliable.

[deactivated user]

    I am saying it... My friend speaks Swedish fluently and says that I can say 'goodbye' perfectly in the language...


    If you're talking about the voice recognition exercises, I would recommend turning those off. The software is notoriously bad for this sentence in specific, and not very good for the course in general, either.


    Tried retaking this and I'm pretty sure I have pronounced it correctly every single time but it doesn't accept after the 'Ja' part.

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