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  5. "I walk towards her."

"I walk towards her."

Translation:Siúlaim chuici.

March 9, 2015



Can anyone explain why "siulann mé..." can't work. I assumed that the two forms of the verb are interchangeable.


The synthetic forms for the present tense in the first person (e.g. siúlaim, siúlaimid ) are preferred in “standard” Irish and Munster Irish. The analytic forms for the present tense in the first person (e.g. siúlann mé, siúlann muid ) are preferred in Connacht Irish and Ulster Irish for all uses except “echoforms” (the repetition of the verb form, or its negation, in answering a yes-or-no question). The course here focuses on “standard” Irish, so the synthetic form is expected for this question, but it should still accept the analytic form for the sake of those who prefer to learn the dialects that use it.


Thanks for the explanation. So there is a difference in dialect. In which case, I will then try to stick to the "standard" ones. The dual use in Ulster for the echo-forms is quite interesting. Go raibh maith agat!


In case my explanation wasn’t clear, the echoforms are an integral feature of all of the dialects (and of “standard” Irish) — it’s just that these first person synthetic forms are mainly used in Connacht Irish and Ulster Irish only as echoforms.


"Siúlaim chuici" - not accepted. Reported. 15/6/17.


I typed "huici", which was properly rejected. The reason was that the space allowed for typing the answer was insufficient to display the whole word. Had it been, I would have seen that my pressure on the "c" was inadequate such that it failed to register. Why is this widespread truncation feature allowed to exist?

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