"Eu ficaria neste hotel até semana que vem."

Translation:I would stay in this hotel until next week.

August 25, 2013

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How is "semana que vem" translated as "next week"? Is this a common expression?


Yes!! It is used a lot in daily conversation!! Semana que vem = próxima semana, but the first one is much more common.


ah..! thank you! :) I am realizing that it seems like there are two kinds of Portuguese.. one for writing.. and one for speaking.. tô nem aí.. sei lá.. cê é pamonha hein!? tá pron.. meio é seis.. semana que vem.. I wish I could focus more on the conversational part :)


Unfortunately you're right on what you say =/ and sometimes it is hard to deal with that =(


We have the same expression in the US but it didn't accept it when I wrote that.


OK, now I'm just astonished that I didn't understand any of your example sentences...it really must be a different kind of Portuguese :D


Every language I know much about has differences between written word and spoken word. The lines someone's may be difficult to distinguish in American English, but still clearly exist.


To add to the discussion, the literal translation of "semana que vem" is "week that comes", so the coming week. That is how we say "next week". =]


Or "the following week" which is not accepted, unfortunately.


No... "the following week" would need a reference point to have already been established. (following what?)

For example, it would be correct to say, "I'll arrive at the hotel 6 days before the wedding and then stay through the following week."


Is "...ate a semana que vem." also possible?


I hope so. That's how I would say it. It sounds a little strange to me without it. But it didn't ask me to write in Portuguese. =]


I did pt the "a" and Duolingo says it is wrong


I did as well. I was marked wrong but I don't understand why.


why isn't it 'A semana que vem'?


It should be accepted also.


Why is the week to come not accepted? It's maybe not very common but surely correct if not very poetic!


So...no "a" after "até"? My brethren, I'm confused.


NSFW: that video is "not safe for work"


My solution was not accepted: "I would stay in this hotel until the next week"

Isn't this proper English?

I read in this thread that this is another suggested PT solution: "ate a semana que vem"

How would you translate this PT sentence to proper English?


I would certainly always just use "until next week".

My feeling is that with the "the", it means you're referring to a week other than the one after this one.

So: "I am in the hotel next week" (the week after this one).

But "I arrive in the hotel on the 20th and will stay until the next week" (ie the week after whatever week the 20th is in).


Personally, I would be more precise. We stay at a hotel until a certain day, not a certain week. (If someone says "até semana que vem", that leaves me as an American wondering whether the person will check out of the hotel on Sat or Sun or Mon or the following Fri or Sat or maybe even Sun.)


"próxima semana / semana próxima", as well as "a semana que vem" are both denied. Sad, really.

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