"Importerar ni kaffe?"

Translation:Do you import coffee?

March 9, 2015

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They should for a proper fika.


Vilken hipster fraga (pretend I spelled it right)


Standard smalltalk question xD


Can you substitute "du" for "ni"?


You likely are not facing this question anymore since this is 2 years ago, but for others (and possibly you) still wondering: Du means singular "you". You would use it when talking to one person. Example: "Du ser mig" Ni also means "you", but plural. You would use this when talking to multiple people to address them. Example: "Ni ser mig" AFAIK, both should work in this sentence.


Why does one need to say "Do you.." instead of just "You import coffee?" It means the same in English and there is no actual word, in the sentence indicating such.


You can construct questions that way in Swedish too, it's especially common in the spoken language. Ni importerar kaffe? If intonation isn't enough, one can add : Så ni importerar kaffe?
The Swedish sentence here shows that it is a question not by using an auxiliary like the English does, but by word order. So the sentence above is unambiguously a question in Swedish.


From what lesson is importerar?

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