"Mannen frågar pojken."

Translation:The man is asking the boy.

March 10, 2015

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Could this also be translated as "The man questions the boy" or would that be a different word?


Better translations for questions are frågar ut (particle verb, stress ut) or ifrågasätter. I think it's an accepted answer in some places in the course, but it isn't a good translation.


Excellent explanation! However, this question is a translation from a Swedish phase to an English phase (emphasis on an English answer). In English there is no distinction between "asks vs. questions", they are one in the same. Therefore, I flagged this because in English "The man questions the boy" should be accepted.

***Although, had this been a transition from an English phase (The man asks the boy) to a Swedish phase. I would absolutely adhere to Swedish language preferences. Answer: Mannen frågar pojken.


Exellent explanation


i would second this, while it may not be a perfect translation, if an english person said "i will question you" or "i will ask you questions" it means the same thing.


so frågar means both "to ask" and was also used as "a question"? how would you say "to ask a question" in Swedish?

  • en fråga - a question
  • flera frågor - several questions
  • frågar - asks, present tense of att fråga
  • att fråga - to ask (a question)


Att fråga en fråga


What would be the singular form of "asks"?


You mean I ask? It's also 'frågar', Swedish verbs don't change depending on person.

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