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Twitter Accounts in Danish

I recently decided that a nice way to practice reading comprehension would be to follow some accounts on twitter that post in Danish. Finding such accounts was easier said than done! So far the only accounts I could find are journalistic/political (e.g. Kaare Sørensen's account).

I thought people could use this thread to post any accounts they found (plus topics). Surely there are some sports news accounts, though I have not been able to find any.

March 10, 2015



Here is a list of politicians: http://filip.journet.sdu.dk/twitterpolitikere/

Here is a list of sports-people (lot of them might be in English, though): https://twitter.com/DRSporten/lists/popul%C3%A6re-sportsfolk

Here is a list of the most popular Danish accounts (lot of them might be in English as well): http://www.overskrift.dk/ranking


Fantastisk! Tak!

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