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"Espero que tu deseo se haga realidad."

Translation:I hope your wish will come true.

August 26, 2013



Actually the correct use of English subjunctive would be "I hope your wish come true"... Sounds very archaic though ;-)


"I hope your wish comes true," should certainly be acceptable. But "come" with no S is wrong.

"is made real" would be the most literal way to translate "se haga realidad", and is also a reasonable present-tense way to translate it. It should be accepted, but isn't, as of Oct 20, 2014.


Or "be made real." It's the English subjunctive version.


Auros, if you are still participating, please answer whether "come with no S" is always wrong. How about "May your wish come true"?


TIL! haha I found this on wikipedia that agrees with you: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_subjunctive


Totally agree. DL should improve its english...


I hope your wish will come true. OR I hope your wish comes true. Duolingo has a number of similar examples. Those two English translations have the same meaning. In a sentence similar to this, English uses a present or future verb in the dependent clause to express the same meaning, so both translations should be accepted.


Just report it.


Or "I hope your wish be made real."

Of course Duo did not like that answer.

I kept trying and...

Duo does accept "I hope your wish will be made real."


DL accepted "I hope your wish beomes a reality." I thought I had to use the word 'reality' and it worked.


Eh. I think conceptually you're right, but in general, Spanish uses more articles than English, so it's a little peculiar to insert an English article where the Spanish didn't have one. (Except with professions, where we say things like, "I'm an engineer," and Spanish says, "Soy ingeniero." But for most purposes, Spanish is more likely to stick in an article than we are.)


"I hope that your wish becomes a reality" was accepted.


I write "I hope your wish come true", and it's is marked wrong


Needs third person singular present conjugation, comes, not the past participle, come, or the 1st person singular, come. It agrees with wish, not with I/ 03-26-14


Actually hoang is right about the English subjunctive: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_subjunctive


"I hope you make your wish a reality" was not accepted - shouldn't it have been?


I hope what you wish comes true.


"I hope that your wish comes true"should be accepted


Why can't you say I hope that your "desire" comes true ???


Can someone clarify why it is "... se haga... * here? I am not to good at using lo/la/se/etc...


It’s pronominal - Hacerse. In this usage it is being used as “to become”. “I hope your wish becomes reality” would be a more accurate translation.

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