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  5. "The women read."

"The women read."

Translation:Léann na mná.

March 10, 2015



Why is women plural mná?


Why would léann go first?


Because Irish is a Verb-Subject-Object language, so the verb comes first.


So, I'm wrong for putting bean instead of mna? Just wondering, I've actually never heard that term in school before (though learning Irish in school is awful, as I've learned through this test)


Mna is the plural form of woman: women


How would I pronounce 'Mná' in this dialect/accent?


How do you know wether to use na or an?


an = "the" for singular, na = "the" for plural


How do i know when to use the different forms of women e.g. mná, mbean

[deactivated user]

    Mutations are fairly complex in Irish and especially for most european native speakers. It comes much later in the course (I think unfortunately) you can find it here


    edit: if the link doesnt work for you, you may go to duome.eu/progress and ctrl+f > eclipsis


    Mná is the plural of bean but mbean is the same as bean but with an urú. You put an urú after ar an, ag an, faoin, i, and I think there ar some more. For example: ag an mbord means on the table even though bord is the irish for table.


    How do you get you keyboard to put in the accent marks?


    I'm using gboard (Google keyboard) and I can long press a vowel and choose an accent. I'm sure other keyboards for Android or iPhone can do something similar, though you may need to edit settings.


    Women is plural so why I cannot use 'Léimid'


    Léimid means "we read" (present tense, pronounced "reed", not past tense, pronounced "red").

    léann Pól an leabhar - "Paul reads the book"
    léim an leathanch - "I read the page"
    léann tú an t-irisleabhar - "you read the magazine"
    léann sé an dialann - "he reads the diary"
    léann sí an clár - "she reads the programme"
    léimid an féilire - "we read the calendar"
    léann sibh an fógra - "you guys read the notice"
    léann siad an bille - "they read the bill"
    léann an bhean na focail - "the woman reads the words"
    léann na mná an t-úrscéal - "the women read the novel"

    léimid na mná would mean "we read the women"

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