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Why I love Dutch.

I am aware this is not a question, nor is it a concern. However, I have been on Duolingo over a year and half now, and recently I've gotten back to it. I really enjoy it, I'm a bit young, but that never stops my curiosity for language learning. Dutch is a great language. Most of the forum posts are in Dutch which is very good for immersion. Thanks to the staff team. I just want to thank those who don't get recognized. Keep up the great work and work hard! The Dutch community is great and Amsterdam is incredibly safe from what I hear.

March 10, 2015


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The Dutch team legit like changed my life though to be honest... Because my goal in life is to move to the Netherlands/Germany or so, find an average job and just live as stress-free as possible and enjoy the landscape and country.

So I'd say they really really altered the course of my life, and it allowed me to discover a love for Germanic languages. Literally I wish there was a way to really thank course creators through gifts or something.

March 10, 2015


I send the Dutch team loving thoughts all the time! And the Dutch learners' community of which Doge is one of the jewels in the crown.


I want to move there too, do you play on an mc server? If so, my ign is _Le_Vex and what server do you play?


Yeah the server I play on is Dutch... It's really fun! I live BUILDING in survival, and this server has a nice survival world with an economy plugin and a shop. I can sell my extra materials and resources for money, then use that money to buy building materials to build stuff. It's really fun! The chat is 100% purely Dutch too. :D

The IP is: play.mcdutchcraft.nl:25565

(The players speak English too, if someone talks to them in English)


Dank je, what is your IGN?


Hallo. Nederlands is een goede taal.

I think taal is language, correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyways, I have fallen in love with Dutch. I've been procrastinating with my Swedish just to learn more Dutch.


My dad came from a long line of Dutch immigrants so I've always been really interested in Dutch. My friend and I started using Duolingo only a few months ago and we love it. We are both pretty young but it's a fun experience. She's learning Italian and I, obviously, Dutch. I'm not that good but I think it's a beautiful language. I really want to go to the Netherlands and visit Fryslan because that's where my family is from.


Good luck with that because in Frisia they speak two languages: Dutch, and Frisian as well. And if they speak Dutch to you, most have an enormous accent.


Hey, are you still taking Dutch? Your language list has no dutch flag....


Not anymore, I was, I decided to focus solely on Swedish.


I love learning Dutch!It changed my life

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