"Pengarna ligger på bordet."

Translation:The money is on the table.

March 10, 2015

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Is money allways in plural in swedish?


Yes! Swedish speakers often say the money are in English as a result.


Mostly "pengar" means money, and is then always used in plural, and as an uncountable noun (e.g. "mycket pengar")

However, "en peng/pengar" can sometimes be used instead of "ett mynt/mynt" to mean a coin. Then it is a countable noun (e.g. "mång pengar"), however I think that sounds like something mostly used when talking to a child.

Also "peng" can sometimes be used, usually as a suffix, for a sum of money given to someone. For example a weekly allowance is "veckopeng". Then it is always singular (e.g. "stor peng", or indirect "mycket i/som veckopeng")

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Can "på bordet" also mean figuratively? Like when someone is asking if an option is still "on the table"?


Why was "The money is located on the table" considered wrong?


Visa mig pengarna! Visa mig pengarna!


Given how saucy the Swedish Tree is, I'm a little surprised it's not 'Pengarna ligger på byrån.' ;)


why not pengarna är på bordet? especially in response to var är pengarna? var ligger pengarna souns strange

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