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"Ich lese den ganzen Morgen über dich."

Translation:I am reading about you all morning.

August 26, 2013



This should be I have been reading about you all morning.

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Or "I'll be reading about you all morning," but I'd never say, "I am reading about you all morning" because "I am reading" is strictly present tense, whereas "all morning" indicates time in either past, future or both. It's an awkward mixing of tense.


That is exactly what I thought and why I came here. Is the sentence ,as it is,correct in German?

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Yes. :-)


I am having a hard time understanding why this is seen as grammatically incorrect in English. The context in which this sentence would be used would be exceedingly rare (we don't often read about people and tell them about it simultaneously) but it doesn't "sound wrong" either.

It is common for English speakers to use expressions of time with the present continuous in order to indicate future action (I am going to bed soon). While it would probably be more common to use present perfect continuous for this sentence (I have been reading about you all morning), I don't think there is a grammatical or understandability issue with the English translation of the sentence.

My guess is that because German does not have a continuous construction, that the most direct understandable translation into English is one using present continuous, rather than the more complex present perfect continuous.


Why "all morning" is in accusative case? It's not the object of "lese"?


No, it's just an information about the time that is also in accussative.


Thanks! I find this page about time expression very useful http://www.dartmouth.edu/~german/Grammatik/Zeit/Time.html


Is there any idiomatic way this could be meant as past tense? "I read about you the entire morning,"?


No, this is present, and it can be read as future, but not as past.


Is the definite article required? Would it be correct if it were simply, "Ich lese ganzen Morgen über dich."?


Yes, that would be wrong.


why is 'I read about you for the whole morning' wrong?


shouldn't this be 'über dir' - no movement involved, so dative?


I think you misunderstood that. Verbs of movement can have the same preposition with both dative and accussative, depending on location vs. direction. Other verbs with prepositions go with some fixed case, you have to learn the combination individually.


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