German cartoons and comic books

Can someone please tell me some popular German cartoons or comic books I can watch/read? TV shows will do as well especially if they're for teenagers (I guess those are more understandable).

December 11, 2012


hey :)

we have in germany a lot of international cartoons but only synchronized to german like the smurfs, spongebob, and many more.

you can look on youtube for popular series and add the word "german" or "deutsch.

if this won't help you just write. i'll try my best to help you ;)



December 11, 2012

Why thank you most kindly sirrah! ^ _ ^

December 12, 2012

lustiges taschenbuch is very popular in the comic section. its like duck tales.


December 11, 2012

<(^w^<) Thank you so much!

December 12, 2012
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