"Do you want to take a walk?"

Translation:Vill du ta en promenad?

March 10, 2015

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Är det egentligen helt fel med "Vill du promenera?"


You can use that, but it’s more natural to say ta en promenad in this context, and also it matches the English sentence better.


Okej, tack. Det är kanske lite synd att Duolingo bara kan skilja mellan "rätt" och "fel" och inte kan reagera med någonting som du skrev.


Den reagerar på vad du skriver nu för tiden. 'Ta en promenad' är en handling med början och slut (perfektiv) medan att promenera är ett verb i imperfekt, en handling utan utmarkerat slut.


Is 'en promenad' a specific type of walk, or just a walk in general?


It's just a walk.


Can I add med mig to the end of this as a question, or would altering the sentence to include tillsammans work better


Since the English sentence doesn't include any reference to "with me" or "together", it's probably best to leave it out completely.

Since we don't know the context, we cannot assume that he asking to take a walk together. Person A might be suggesting things that person B could do by himself.

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