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Practice stuck in a loop

In the last half hour, I've done 5 or 6 practice sessions on the app-- and it gave me the same (very basic) vocabulary every single time. Hand, Händler, Kleid, Vertreter, etc. I'd get 3 hearts, try to do a new practice, and just get the same vocab and sentences. I then tried it on the website and it gave me the same vocab again. Now that I've passed it here, it seems to finally be giving me new sentences.

December 11, 2012



Thanks! We will look into this.

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Can you try again? This should be fixed now.


Working now! Thanks


I am having the same problem with the same practice sessions over and over again in French even though I keep getting them correct. I can't test out, because it will not move forward to give me new words.

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