"Jag behöver få ett nytt pass."

Translation:I need to get a new passport.

March 10, 2015

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Duolingo knows that in few days my passport will not be valid ! :D


What is wrong with "I have to get a new passport"?


It seems OK to me. I guess one could argue that have to means must which is not exactly the same as need.


So why doesn't this statement need the preposition ATT? I learned ATT has to go before infinitives and suddenly I am given a sentence where it doesn't. Quote the Daleks: "Explain! Explaaaain!"


I adore your reference to Daleks! but I don't know either. Except is it like what is above because auxiliary verb rule?



Zzzzz... has commented the following

1) Modal auxiliaries - no att: böra, kunna, lär, måste, skola, torde, vilja.

2) Other verbs that behave like modal auxiliaries - no att: behöva, bruka, få, hoppas, lova, låta, råka, tänka, tyckas, synas, försöka, orka, slippa, töras, våga, önska. Notice that få can be used in two different meanings: a) Du får inte köra så fort = You may not drive so fast. b) Han fick mig att gråta = He made me cry.

3) Ordinary verbs that are used without att: börja, sluta, besluta, lära, lära sig

4) Object + infinitive - no att: Låt alla blommor blomma = Let all flowers bloom. / Vi såg honom gömma plånboken = We saw him hide the wallet.


There's another phrase in this section that uses få: "Det är svårt att få arbete."

Could someone tell my why this instance does not require the 'att' before få? Is it because "to get a passport" is less concrete than "to get work"?


I believe "behöver" is an auxiliary verb and you do not use "att (verb)" if there is an auxiliary verb before it. You would just use the verb alone.


What's wrong with "receive"?

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