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I lost my streak even after meeting my daily goal

I lost my 15 days streak (and my 5 lingot wager) even though I met my daily goals. Yesterday I did two lessons (on my android phone), the first one awarded me 11xp (10+1heart), the second one the same (10+1 heart). My daily goal is 20 xp. This morning when I open Duo, I found I only had accounted 11xp for yesterday and lost my streak...

I know 15 days is not much, but I started using Duolingo 15 days ago and the streak is a very good motivation to practice every day. I now feel unsafe and I don't even know if I want to pursue a streak anymore (because you can loose it to a glitch).

The worst part is I DID my exercises and MET my daily goal, but for some reason the app didn't send that info to the servers or something.

Is there a way to report that?

Thanks for reading.


March 10, 2015



I find that when I practice on my iPhone, it does not automatically sync with the web site. I usually go on the web site and refresh my home page. Once I see the green tick on the web site and my progress, I am happy.

Also, in case of glitches or my own forgetfulness, I have a streak freeze enabled, just in case.


Similar issue for me. My daily goal has been set for 20 points but even if I didn't reach it, my streak continued. I did 2 lessons this past Sunday and on Monday my 170+ days in a row were gone! I wrote the DL team to find out if the latest upgrade changed something. This really bums me out. I hope they can get me an answer. Please if anyone else has related issues write DL right away! Thanks,



For some unknown reason I lost my 260 day streak. I didn't miss a day - had a streak freeze and woke up in the morning to find them all gone. I have been doing a lesson everyday since but it doesn't even want to add any streak days at all now. I contacted duo lingo but have not heard anything.


You can report it by clicking on the small Help button on the bottom of the page. This is probably a glitch as I haven't seen a lot of these problems, and now I see many of them. Sorry about you losing your streak, have some lingots!

P.S. Just make sure that you've received your streak. Try to note the streak you have before you start and after. Or if you can, go on the Web version and it'll show a check mark on your streak if you've fulfilled your daily goal.


I will report it!.

I usually use the web version, but I was on my way home and decided to use the phone app (I was on the train), that´s why I´m sure it was something with lost of connection. However, the app should try to synchronize the last lesson when connection comes back. Anyway, I now know this can happen and will be more careful.

Dank je wel for the lingots!


I'm sorry to hear about this! It happened to me on a train ride as well, a while back. 100+ days gone.. I think that if you finish a lesson while not properly connected to the internet, once it syncs the phone will adjust to the internet version. And thus deleting your lesson.. It should've been the other way around.. I'd say keep a streak freeze available, and check if points earned really did register. In particular if you know the connection was shaky.


100+ days must hurt. I now have a streak freeze and always check before sleeping. I also downgraded my daily goal to 1 and decided to do at least 20xp daily on my own.


Me too, 20 xp goal on my phone, but I've set it to 1xp here just in case.


Happened to me too, twice in the last two weeks, first I lost 50 days and second a week streak. It's frustrating and making me wanna stop using the app. I've sent a message thru the contact us form and I've send them a tweet, but still no response in two weeks. I see that I'm not a singular case and I will try to find alternatives for Duolingo.


Same here using the iPhone app. Just discovered my streak disappeared today even though I completed an exercise on my iPhone on Friday (yesterday).

[deactivated user]

    Sorry to hear about all these lost streaks and wagers. I had a similar problem: My daily goal was 20xp and I completed two 10xp lessons. Granted I did all this at 11:54 but I had already completed both of the lessons and it said I met my daily goal. At 12:05 (technically a new day) however it said I only earned 13xp yesterday. Lost my wager and my streak. Another glitch is when I click the thumbs up for your article, MarcosPazDuart, it wouldn't register.

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