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The xbox concept

I have been using the iphone app and I am loving learning Spanish. I was wondering with the new xbox one with Kinect if you had though about putting duolingo onto a games console? Does anyone else think this would be a good idea? ( I know this may be hard to do and might challenge the FREE aspect of duolingo)

What are your thoughts?

August 26, 2013



I was just google-searching "duolingo xbox one app" to see if one existed or perhaps was in the works and all I came across was this comment, so I'd like to second the notion. Duolingo was just released for the Windows Phone, so it's not hard to imagine it making the leap to Xbox One, where it might function well with the Kinect. I'm not sure what hoops you'd have to jump through to make an Xbox app, but as long as it remained free, I think the console would be a great medium to spread the word, so to speak.


No way, keep the site as far from companies as possible.


There is no need to marry MS to create an app for their store... IMHO port Winphone app to the xbone sounds like a great idea.

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